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Is the Sexual Relationship "Must" in Sugar Dating?

here is a question from our member -lily, college sugar babies who join our site a week ago. She is now a college student in Los Angeles, and she comes from Asia, living with her parents now. Recently, she noticed that she lost her scholarship but she can’t tell her parents (typically Asian parents). She is afraid of letting them down, and his parents lose their jobs months ago due to the pandemic.

She heard about secret arrangements dating from her friends who are already joined to be our members and have found nice sugar daddies. Her friends shared how sugar daddies spoil and take care of them. Around me, it’s not a strange thing when it comes to looking for sugar daddies. Lily has heard from a few roommates and friends shared their sugar experience, and it seems that most people had a positive experience. Lily is a lovely girl and she loves making new friends, learning new things, and try something new. But the problem is that she never had any romantic relationship with others, and she is wonder whether “sex” is a must in a sugar relationship.

We don’t think “Sex” is a must in mutually beneficial sugar relationships, but it’s a normal thing in an intimate relationship. If you have established a trust intimacy relationship, sex is no longer a problem. And we do admit that most sugar daddies are pursuing a physically touching relationship, excepting platonic sugar daddy or married sugar daddy.

Platonic sugar daddy

Even though platonic arrangements are extremely rare in life, it requires your patience, time, and opportunity. To find a platonic sugar daddy, you’d better searching through the right group. To be frank, a large part of sugar daddies don’t spoil or support sugar babies if they’re not in an intimate relationship unless they’re married, don’t need sex.

Those men who would like to spoil sugar babies for a platonic relationship usually defined as follows.

1.Men who have mental or social problems, or long-term emotionally unstable so that they are pursuing a platonic relationship to meet their emotional needs.

2.Men who have health or physical issues will choose platonic relationship to keep them from intimacy.

3.Men who are looking for true love, which means they would like to spoil their sugar babies with the finer things in life until they are willing to establish a long-term stable relationship.

4.Men who are married, have a normal sex life with his wife, and he just wants to find his soulmate.

However, a platonic sugar relationship is not as easy as an intimate relationship. It could be more painful. Those who have been in platonic relationships say that emotional drain is worse than a sexual relationship, which needs more your attention and energy to manage it. Actually, in the U.S.A or western countries, sugar babies are more open-minded and they are more likely expected a sugar relationship involved sex. In Asian countries, platonic sugar relationships seem to be more common. But you really have too much luck finding a platonic sugar daddy outside of Asia. you might get lucky and find a platonic sugar daddy through joining a sugar daddy site, perhaps you’d better put the fact in your profile and you might be able to find someone you expected.

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